WHO/Yoshi Shimizu

SIDS Ministerial Conference Panel: Multisector collaboration to address NCD risk factors and commercial determinants

At the SIDS Ministerial Conference on NCDs and Mental Health in Barbados, the Global NCD Platform is moderating a panel on multisector collaboration to address NCD risk factors and commercial determinants.

Small Island Development States (SIDS) are disproportionately affected by the NCD burden and have one of the highest NCD rates globally. Some fifty-two percent of people living with NCDs in SIDS die prematurely, and the average NCD mortality rate in SIDS is higher than the global average.

People living in SIDS settings also experience increased exposure to NCD risk factors such as physical inactivity, unhealthy diets, overweight and obesity, and tobacco use and alcohol consumption.

Addressing the commercial determinants of health and NCDs, including corporate private sector promotion of products and choices that are detrimental to health, poses a particular challenge.

The plenary session will analyze the commercial drivers of NCDs and their risk factors in Small Island Development States, including tobacco and alcohol use, nutrition, physical activity, overweight and obesity. Panelists will also discuss the role of multisectoral engagement and policy coherence across governments, multilateral organizations, and civil society to address and regulate commercial determinates.

The plenary session will open with a keynote address by Dr Joy St John, Executive Director of CARPHA, and an address by Mr Christopher Laurie, Barbados.

The following panel discussion will be joined by representatives from Belize (Mr Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health & Wellness), Vanuatu (Dr Jenny Stephens, Director of Public Health), Mauritius (Dr Sudhir Kowlessur, Director, Health Promotion and Research), Bahamas (Dr Michael Darville, Minister of Health and Wellness), Suriname (Dr Ritesh Dhanpat, Deputy Director of Health), and of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (Ms Maisha Hutton, Executive Director).

Dr Svetlana Akselrod, Director, WHO Global NCD Platform will moderate the plenary session and panel discussion.

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