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National Coordinating Mechanisms for Noncommunicable Diseases - WHO Compendium Report on Multisectoral Action


World Health Organization | 30 May 2024

The National Coordinating Mechanism for Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) was established by a Presidential executive order to oversee and mobilize political commitment and resources, coordinate, and implement the Palau National Strategic Plan for NCDs, 2015–2020, including monitoring and evaluation. The Noncommunicable Disease Fund (NCD Fund), which is managed by the Coordinating Mechanism and financed by appropriation of 10% of revenues generated from taxes on alcohol and tobacco, provides funding for local actions on NCDs aligned with the NCD Strategic Plan. The Coordinating Mechanism is composed of members from all eight government ministries and two semi-government agencies as well as 24 civil society and development partners. In the area of nutrition, the media and the community were engaged through community events to encourage early screening for prediabetes. Additionally, schools were targeted for nutrition interventions including the public school’s lunch programme. Since its inception, the Coordinating Mechanism has successfully raised awareness about NCDs, facilitated multisectoral actions and public–private partnerships, leveraged new resources through a local NCD Fund, and empowered community initiatives consistent with a whole-of-society approach. Based on a self-assessment in 2022, key actions to enhance the impact of the Coordinating Mechanism include: promoting a larger role for civil society; engaging a dedicated full-time secretariat; applying more systematic approach to capacity development; and strengthening community leadership and engagement around a holistic focus on health and wellness.


This country story is a brief excerpt taken from the detailed country case study in the WHO Compendium report on multisectoral actions for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases and mental health conditions. Read the full report or access the country story via below link