International Congress on Obesity 2024

World Obesity Federation

26/06/2024 - 29/06/2024

International Congress on Obesity 2024

The International Conference on Obesity (ICO) was established in 1974 and is the pre-eminent global gathering for experts in obesity.

World Obesity's flagship global event, The International Congress on Obesity, is a key platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and innovation in the area of obesity. This congress has attracted leading experts, researchers and policymakers from around the world to discuss and address the growing global obesity epidemic for over four decades.

In partnership with World Obesity member organisation, Associação Brasileira para o Estudo da Obesidade (ABESO), ICO 2024 will take place at the Frei Caneca Conventions Center in São Paulo.

A range of activities will be available including specialist presentations, plenary sessions, SCOPE accredited seminars, teaching sessions, workshops, and abstract & topic discussion sessions.