Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Therapeutic Patient Education: an introductory guide

World Health Organization

15 Nov 2023

Therapeutic Patient Education: an introductory guide

Therapeutic patient education is a structured person-centred learning process that supports individuals living with chronic conditions to self-manage their own health by drawing on their own resources, supported by their carers and families. It is carried out by trained health professionals and is adapted to the patient and their condition and continues over the patient’s lifetime. It is an integral part of treatment for chronic conditions and can lead to better health outcomes and improved quality of life, while making best use of health-care services and other resources. The purpose of this guide is to equip policy-makers and health professionals to provide better access to effective therapeutic patient education for all patients who are living with chronic conditions and can benefit from this approach. Specifically, the guide is for those responsible for designing, delivering or commissioning therapeutic patient education services for people living with chronic conditions and training programmes for health professionals who provide therapeutic patient education.

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