International Thalassaemia Day 2024

Thalassaemia International Federation


International Thalassaemia Day 2024

International Thalassaemia Day is a global awareness day, observed annually on May 8, celebrating the thalassaemia community across the world and working towards equity in health, social and other care, as well as access to diagnosis and therapies for people living with the condition.


It was established and is coordinated by the Thalassaemia International Federation (ΤΙF) with the support of its 200+ member organizations and serves as a focal point to advance advocacy efforts for thalassaemia at local, national, and international levels.


This year, we are galvanizing our efforts under the powerful theme: ‘Empowering Lives, Embracing Progress: Equitable and Accessible Thalassaemia Treatment for All.’ It heralds our commitment to ensure that advances in treatment and care are not privileges of the few, but the right of all individuals affected by thalassaemia, regardless of their geographic or economic constraints.


The International Thalassaemia Day Official Campaign for 2024 is now live at:


Join the International Thalassaemia Day 2024 movement and help transform the lives of millions of people with thalassaemia across the world!


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