World Food Safety Day 2021


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

15 Sep 2021

With a theme of ‘Safe food now for a heathy tomorrow’, World Food Safety Day (7 June 2021) focused on the immediate and long-term benefits of producing and consuming safe food. It was a day to remember that food safety is part of food security and good health. It was a time to recognize the intrinsic connections between the health of people, plants, animals, the environment and economy. And it was a moment for heightened creativity.

International organizations, governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations, academics and individuals from 90 different countries convened to showcase their achievements, discuss their priorities and plan how to overcome challenges in the food safety realm. The pandemic meant, for a second time, that many initiatives were held virtually, which inspired organizers to make imaginative use of social media, online events and more in reaching audiences.

In this summary, we take a glimpse at the webinars, videos, press conferences, media coverage, contests, social media posts and campaigns that involved millions of people across the world in May and June 2021.

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